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Disposable and re-usable earplugs, covering a range of attenuation specifications.

In today’s media production world, many occasions arise where high noise levels present a physical (or mental) health risk - in this case in the form of damaged hearing manifesting itself as deafness and tinnitus: conditions for which there is no cure. As more attention is focused on Health and Safety at work we offer a range of products which may offer protection in environments ranging from loudspeaker testing establishment’s factory visits, to camera operator’s positions at rock concerts. Applications will, no doubt, be found elsewhere, such as party political conferences.

Moldex Rockets - reusable, high attenuation

Rockets are reusable, personal issue earplugs, made from a very soft silicon-type material for maximum long-term comfort and to ensure an easy and effective fit into the ear canal. They are brightly coloured, making it easy to check for compliance and are supplied in a pocket pack for hygienic storage when not in use. Rockets are fully washable, fitted with a lanyard cord (for easy wearing when not in use) and have an insertion/extraction handle built in. They conform to EN352-2.

Moldex Comets - reusable, for lower noise areas

Rockets are reusable, personal issue earplugs best suited for protection against lower noise levels. Made from a very soft silicon-type material they have an innovative bright green “finger fit” moulding on the end of the earplug making it very easy for the user to properly insert the earplugs and for supervisors conducting compliance checks. They conform to EN352-2.

Moldex Spark Plugs

Disposable, single-use earplugs with a very high attenuation rating. Made from soft polyurethane foam that can be reduced in size by rolling between finger and thumb; after insertion they gradually expand to fill the profile of the user’s ear. Spark Plugs are profiled to give a good fit across a full range of ear canal sizes and can prevent ‘creeping’ than can occur from jaw movement over long periods of use. The multi colour, smooth finish provides good levels of comfort and the bright colour assists compliance checking. They conform to EN352-2.

Technical Specification:

Each model is assigned an SNR (Single Number Rating) which acts as a quick guide to attenuation - the higher the number the greater the attenuation. All other figures are attenuation expressed in dB.

Attenuation SNR 125Hz 250Hz 500Hz 1000Hz 2000Hz 4000Hz 8000Hz
Rockets: 30 23.8 23.2 23.1 25.8 29.7 38.9 38.2
Comets: 25 20.6 20.8 19.2 20.9 27.2 25.6 35.3
Spark Plugs: 35 30.0 30.6 32.5 30.1 32.1 43.5 40.8
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