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It is widely accepted that plastic cable clips or plastic containment systems should never be the sole means of cable support. PVC will typically disintegrate at approximately 160 degrees C, causing cables to drop in fires. In fires, fallen cables can act as a web, effectively obstructing evacuation routes. This range of fixings, in fire conditions, can withstand 970 degrees C for 2 hours, and are certified to BS5839 Part 1, to assist in compliance with the IET Wiring Regulations - 18th Edition.

Safe-D Spring

These springs effectively secure single cables up to 7mm outer diameter, in 16-20mm wide trunking, or direct to a surface, with D-Line Fire Rated Screws. Manufactured from non-corrosive, sprung steel, that is tensioned to provide a strong contact with trunking bases. The spring has a 5mm fixing hole, and a 50mm long arm, specially kinked to minimise risk of cable bruising or damage to the conductors of soft-jacket cables.


These D-Line Safe-D clips, available in three sizes, are supplied pre-folded. After securing the Safe-D Clips in trunking, or direct to a surface with D-Line Fire Rated Screws, ideally at 300mm intervals for horizontal installations, or 400mm for vertical, installers simply fold over the thumb-friendly tabs to hold the cables.


These flexible cable clips, available in three sizes, are supplied in flat form, and can be folded in seconds to make a variety of shapes to effectively secure cable installations. Each clip has a number of notches, where the clip can be folded into shape. The F-Clip 40 and F-Clip 50 have a locking tab on one side, which can be passed through opposing notches, according to the volume of cables to be secured, and to make the required shape. The locking tab can also be return-folded for a more secure fitting.

D-Fixing screws

These fire-rated screws have a 40mm long shaft, 5.1mm thread width and a 8.3mm diameter Phillips head, which combine to provide exceptional performance. D-Fixings are intended for securing D-Line fire-rated Safe-D cable clips and other electrical installation equipment into popular substrates - including masonry, plasterboard, breeze-block, concrete, brickwork and wood. In fire tests the D-Fixing screw threads remain securely embedded with no need for anchors or plastic wall plugs, which typically melt at 160 degrees C.

Tensile strength 12.8kN / 1305kg / 205 stone
Shear strength 6.7kN / 683kg / 107 stone
Typical pullout load: C25 concrete(1) 5.8kN / 591kg / 93 stone
Typical pullout load: LBC common brick(1) 3.8kN / 387kg / 60 stone
Typical pullout load: C24 timber(1) 3.0kN / 305kg / 47 stone

Note (1): Pullout loads based on 35mm embedment with a 4mm pilot hole.

Application note: A 4mm pilot hole is recommended.

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D-LINE SAFEDSPRING/50 SAFE-D SPRING CLIP, pack of 50   Artikelnummer:
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D-LINE SAFE-D30 U-CLIP, For 30 x 15mm trunking, pack of 100   Artikelnummer:
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D-LINE SAFE-D40 U-CLIP, For 50 x 25mm trunking, pack of 50   Artikelnummer:
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D-LINE SAFEDFCLIP30 SAFE-D F-CLIP 30, pack of 100   Artikelnummer:
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D-LINE SAFEDFCLIP40 SAFE-D F-CLIP 40, pack of 50   Artikelnummer:
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D-LINE SAFEDFCLIP50 SAFE-D F-CLIP 50, pack of 50   Artikelnummer:
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D-LINE DFIX/100 D-FIXING FIRE RATED SCREWS, M8 x 40mm, pack of 100   Artikelnummer:
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