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NEUTRIK ETHERCON CAT5E CONNECTORS - True outdoor protection - Panel types

The Neutrik True Outdoor Protection (TOP) series was designed for the increasing demands on interconnection systems. In particular, in harsh environment applications, where entertainment equipment such as PA systems, signs, LED screens or lighting, require an environmentally sealed connector. These UV resistant, ruggedized, sealed connectors are IP65 and UL50E rated.

The Ethercon TOP is a heavy-duty, locking, RJ45 system for outdoor applications, designed for data transfer interconnections where a more robust connector is required than the basic RJ45, optimized for pro audio, video and lighting network applications. It utilises a sealed, robust Neutrik latch rather than the delicate plastic latch on the RJ45 (which is disabled in the Ethercon application).

The panel connectors are integrated into the main Neutrik ranges, permitting each mounting in Universal Series panels and other pre-punched metalwork. They have a D-series style plastic shell, secure latching system, and zinc-diecast chromium-plated front flange. The connector is sealed when mated with a related cable connector from the Ethercon TOP series. An integrated rubber sealing cap sits behind the flange to maintain sealing when not in use. Connections are for horizontal or vertical PCB mounting or 'back-to-back' feedthrough with an RJ45 socket at the rear. An additional screening pin is provided on PCB mounting types, which connects with metal side screens in the RJ45 mating recess. Maximum panel thickness is 4mm. Stainless-steel mounting screws included.

Ethercon TOP complies with IEC1801 Category 5e, and are IP65 protected when mated with NE8MX-TOP or integrated sealing cap.

Types available:
NE8FDH-C5E-TOP D-series panel mounting, horizontal PCB mounting
NE8FDV-TOP D-series panel mounting, vertical PCB mounting
NE8FDP-TOP D-series panel mounting, back-to-back feedthrough
SE8FD-TOP Sealing kit for D-series Ethercon, to achieve outdoor protection to IP65 when mated with NE8MX-TOP. Comprises replacement front plate and latch, plus sealing gasket.

Note: Does not intermate with Ethercon CAT6 cable connectors.

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NEUTRIK NE8FDH-C5E-TOP ETHERCON Panel mounting, shielded, horizontal PCB, true outdoor protection   Artikelnummer: 46-481
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NEUTRIK NE8FDV-TOP ETHERCON Panel mounting, shielded, vertical PCB, true outdoor protection   Artikelnummer: 46-482
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NEUTRIK NE8FDP-TOP ETHERCON Panel mounting, shielded, back-to-back, true outdoor protection   Artikelnummer: 46-483
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NEUTRIK SE8FD-TOP ETHERCON Sealing kit for D-series types, true outdoor protection   Artikelnummer: 46-480
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