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GREEN-GO DIGITAL INTERCOM SYSTEM - Desktop and fixed stations

These are desk-top, rack-mounting and wall-mounting intercom stations. They communicate over the network with other Green-Go digital intercom stations. Each station is connected to a network switch using standard Ethernet cabling. They can be powered over the network if the switch provides power over Ethernet; an accessory power supply can be used for desktop and rack-mounting types.

Multi-channel Desktop Stations

Multi-channel desktop stations have a compact footprint and are available in 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel versions. They provide a clear overview of many channels and offer a simple interface to listen and talk to selected channels. This makes the system suitable for complex live event and broadcast applications where several intercom channels need to be simultaneously monitored while conversing with one or more selected channels. Each channel identification is displayed on an LCD strip. The audio level of each circuit can be adjusted for best intelligibility.

Full duplex communication is by headset or the in-built loudspeaker and optional gooseneck microphone. Intercom channels are presented in banks of four and each channel is controlled by two rows of four switches. The upper row enables conversations with other stations on the selected intercom channel. These switches offer latching and non-latching modes, depending on the duration for which they are pressed. Each microphone switch illuminates green, orange or red (blinking) to indicate talk to the channel, talkback from the channel, or 'Call' signal received. The lower row of switches operate in conjunction with the three 'Soft' keys and four 'Mode Select' keys in the Control Section to offer three functions; 'Listen' and 'Remote Mic Kill', 'Call' (to a group or individual) and 'Cue' modes. For improved listening, the 'Isolate' function will mute all intercom circuits that are not in 'Talk' mode, so unnecessary distractions are removed until the conversation is finished.

Multi-channel desktop stations may be powered from PoE (Power over Ethernet) or an external 12V DC power supply. The rear panel offers two Ethernet ports with built-in Ethernet switch. Port 2 can be used for power via PoE if no external 12V supply is available. This leaves Port 1 available for a laptop which may be connected for system set-up.

Line-in and line-out facilities are presented on 3-pin XLR connectors. They allow analogue audio to be injected into and extracted from the intercom system. A set of General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) connections are available on a D-sub 9-pin connector, providing opening and closing contacts to provide external control interfacing.

Rack-mounting Station

The 12-channel rackmount station has similar features to the desktop stations, but is designed to fit in 2U of a 19 inch rack. The front panel can be angled outwards to make operation easier.

Wallmount Stations

Two wall-mounting outstations, based on the beltpack, are available. The external Ethernet connection is relocated inside the case and GPIO (2x in and 2x out) connections are available internally using screw terminals. The size of the LCD display is larger than that of the beltpack. Two versions are available; a speaker and microphone combination or a headset only alternative. A non-audio version is also available for information/cue-light duties.

Wall Panel Station

The versatile WPX wall mount station provides two separate functions:

  • An intercom station with communication via either a handset or headset.
  • A powered loudspeaker for monitoring a selection of intercom channels.

A user can directly access up to three assigned intercom channels via the three buttons on the front panel. Communication is via a handset or headset plugged into the 4-pin XLR. Other users can separately monitor a selection of unrelated intercom channels through the integrated loudspeaker.

GGO-WPX Wall Panel

Main points:

  • Up to 3 assigned intercom channels can be directly accessed via their associated buttons
  • ‘Call’ alerts can be sent and received on each of the three intercom channels
  • A selection of unrelated intercom channels can simultaneously be monitored through the integrated loudspeaker
  • The touch sensitive TFT colour display offers easy menu navigation and setup
  • The rotary knob acts as a volume control and an encoder for programming
  • The WPX station can be programmed with up to 32 intercom channels
  • For best monitoring, the audio level of each intercom channel can be individually adjusted
  • Data and PoE are supplied through an RJ45 connector on the panel’s rear. Suitable for use in offices, backstage, green rooms and dressing rooms

For situations where a beltpack is not a practical solution, the WPX offers similar functionality in a wall mounted device. A handset mounted beside the panel will provide a convenient way to directly communicate with up to three separate intercom channels. For hands-free operation, a headset can be substituted for the handset.

The WPX provides a separate audio section where a selection of comms channels can be monitored via the in-built loudspeaker. If the monitor level needs to be raised, the device’s loudspeaker can be easily bypassed and a separate 8 ohm loudspeaker can be attached to the device’s 6 watt amplifier. A good quality ceiling mounted speaker often provides the best audio coverage. This is ideal for use in dressing rooms and green rooms where the extra audio quality will be appreciated when listening to show relay.

To avoid important announcements being missed because the monitor volume has accidentally been set to zero, the WPX can operate at a pre-set level when the show caller makes an announcement. Show relay can be automatically dimmed or muted to allow announcements to be heard clearly.

The talkback function can be switched off to prevent unauthorised personnel gaining access to the technical ring.

The touch sensitive TFT colour display allows easy menu navigation during setup. The encoder (volume) knob facilitates scrolling through and selecting menu options.

Dimensions: 81 x 30 x 81 mm
Weight: 480g
Power: Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)

Optional accessory: GGO-HSA05 Telephone Style Handset (26-746)


The 4-pin, male, XLR, headset connectors are compatible with headsets with an impedance greater than 32 ohms and fitted with mating connectors such as those from Tecpro, Beyer and many other brands. If the microphone type is an electret, a switchable bias voltage is available.

GGO-HSA05 Telephone Style Handset

Main points:

  • Comfortable, lightweight moulded body
  • Earpiece provides clear audio
  • Dynamic mic capsule offers tailored audio response to aid intelligibility
  • Coiled cable for tidy storage
  • Wall mount bracket supplied

For situations where a headset is not a practical solution, the HSA05 telephone style handset provides a convenient way to have a conversation over intercom. Ideal for office, backstage or stage door use, it is intended for use principally with the 26-743 Green-GO WPX wall panel, although it can be used with any Green-GO device with a 4-pin XLRF headset connector. Comes complete with a wall mount bracket for when the handset is not in use.

Capsule: Dynamic
Freq response: 300-3400 Hz
Input impedance: 150 ohms
Output impedance: 150 ohms
Weight: 325g
Dimensions: 210mm x 54mm x 54 mm
Coiled cable: 500mm – 2500mm
Connector: 4-pin XLR, female
Accessories: Metal wall mount cradle

Gooseneck microphones

Where the intercom station has a 3-pin female XLR connector for a microphone, Canford CxxxXB24 types are suitable. See Canford Condenser Gooseneck Microphones.

More information:

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Note: Green-GO products are only available for sale to customers in the UK and Ireland.

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