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LYNX TESTOR LITE 3G - SDI video and audio test pattern generator

The Lynx Technik Testor lite 3G is a compact, SDI video and audio test generator, designed to address a multitude of test and verification needs in modern digital infrastructures. The large, colour touch-screen provides a simple, intuitive, user interface, to assign formats, pattern and text content. The integrated rechargeable battery provides up to four hours continuous use; power-saving auto-shutdown options are available.

The optional fabric PTG case protects the Testor lite 3G and incorporates a window, through which to view and operate the display, an integral belt clip and apertures in the top and bottom for cable access.

Video outputs: Two, multi-format, SDI outputs on BNC connectors; SDTV 270Mb/s, HDTV 1.5Gb/s and HDTV 3Gb/s with multiple 3G streaming modes - 2x standard 3G streams (level A direct mapping), 2x 1.5Gb/s outputs, one per BNC connector (dual link), 2x 1.5Gb/s streams multiplexed into one 3G output (level B dual link).
Embedded audio generator: Four independent audio channels, each with adjustable frequency and amplitude. Eight channels of audio embedded into both SDI outputs. Both SDI embedders can be independently configured.
Analogue reference sync: SDTV Bi-level or HDTV Tri-level sync.
Internal test pattern library: Eighteen static test patterns, four dynamic (moving) test patterns, two 3D test patterns (left eye/right eye).
Multiple selectable overlays: Up to sixteen characters of text overlay on one line, circle overlay, safe action or safe title markers.
The generator is supplied with an internal rechargeable battery and universal plug-top charger with UK, EU and US pin plates. Connection is via a mini USB socket which is also used for firmware updates.

When connected to a standard computer USB 2.0/3.0 port, the Testor lite 3G will draw 500mA maximum to charge the battery. Full charge time is approximately 360 minutes. If the unit is switched on while connected it will use the internal battery and will not charge.
If connected to the included USB-DCP power supply, which provides 1.5A, the unit can be powered and charged simultaneously. Full charge time is then approximately100 minutes with the unit switched off or 180 minutes switched on.

Dimensions: 130x77x23mm, including connectors. Weight: 250g. Operating temperature: 5-40 Degrees C. Humidity: 90% non condensing.

Warranty: Testor lite 3G; 3 years. Battery; 6 Months

Included accessories: USB-DCP AC power supply with regional AC plug adapters, USB cable, quick reference, user Manual.
Optional accessories: PTG Case, a cloth protective case with window for display viewing and operation, belt clip, cable access slits. PTG BATT a replacement rechargeable battery. Note: Testor lite 3G is not designed for frequent battery exchanges using a spare. Only exchange the battery when the installed unit has reached the end of its rechargeable lifecycle. Removal of the case is required.

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LYNX PTG 1802 TESTOR LITE 3G PATTERN GENERATOR Video and audio, SD/HD/3G, 2x BNC out, sync out   Artikelnummer: 90-3026
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LYNX PTG CASE For Testor lite 3G pattern generator, cloth case with belt clip   Artikelnummer: 90-3027
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LYNX PTG BATT-1 BATTERY PACK Replacement, for Testor Lite 3G pattern generator   Artikelnummer: 90-3028
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69,00 €