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A hybrid cable containing single-mode fibre optic and copper cores, meeting the SMPTE311M standard for HDTV camera connections. It handles video, audio and control signals plus powering between camera and base units and is suitable for use with the special hybrid connectors produced by manufacturers such as Canare and Lemo. There are two primary specifications for this type of cable, SMPTE311 and ARIB (Japan), the only significant difference between these specifications being the colour of one of the data cores. Furukawa manufacture to both specifications, the SMPTE311 type is 'TV-OM-AMS' (also known as 'A grade'), the ARIB type is '2SM-9.2-37.5' (also known as 'J grade'). There are differences in the construction between the two types.

The 2SM-9.2-37.5 cable is Furukawa's premium grade 9.2mm cable with a higher grade outer PVC jacket than TV-OM-AMS and a smoother feel and flexibility. There is a significant difference in the braided copper wire screen, which primarily provides mechanical strength. 2SM-9.2-37.5 has 99% coverage, TV-OM-AMS has 85%. 2SM-9.2-37.5 also uses a cotton filler / film wrap which gives greater strength and flexibility than the polypropylene used in type TV-OM-AMS.

These cables are also available with a reduced diameter construction (6.8mm). The fibre specifications are the same but the copper cores are reduced size. 2SM-6.8-98.3 is the ARIB type, TV-OM-FAMS is the SMPTE311 type. There is also a larger (16mm) version, 2SM-16-37.5, designed to resist jamming between camera pedestal-dollies and the studio floor. This is exactly as 2SM-9.2-37.5 but has a double-layer jacket. This larger design is only available in the ARIB version.

Technical Specification:
Auxiliary conductors: Four cores 21/0.18mm (0.53mm sq.) tinned copper wire, insulated with HDPE, two black, two white.
Signal conductors: Two cores 7/0.18mm (0.18mm sq.) tinned copper wire, insulated with HDPE, red, green (2SM-9.2-37.5), red, grey (TV-OM-AMS)
Fibre optic cores: Two cores single-mode fibre 9.micron diameter, cladding 125 micron diameter, with UV-cross-linked acrylate coating and 0.9mm diameter thermoplastic outer; yellow, blue (2SM-9.2-37.5), blue, yellow (TV-OM-AMS).
Strength member: One galvanised stranded steel wire reinforcement (1.22mm sq.), insulated, laid centrally.
Lay-up: Conductors and fibre laid up around steel wire, packed with soft cotton filler (2SM-9.2-37.5) or fibrilated polypropylene (TW-OM-AMS), wound overall with paper tape. Tinned copper wire braid screen, 99% (2SM-9.2-37.5) optical coverage or 85% (TV-OM-AMS) optical coverage.
Outer Jacket: Special PVC compound, 9.2mm OD, black.
Weight: 12.4kg/100m
Reel length: 500 metres
Ordering note:

Canford offers an in-house, fibre termination service. See SMPTE 311M cable assemblies.

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FURUKAWA TV-OM-AMS SMPTE311 HD CAMERA CABLE, 9.2mm A grade SMPTE fibre   Artikelnummer:
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FURUKAWA 2SM-9.2-37.5 SMPTE311 HD CAMERA CABLE, 9.2mm J grade ARIB fibre   Artikelnummer:
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FURUKAWA TV-OM-FAMS SMPTE311 HD CAMERA CABLE, 6.8mm A grade SMPTE fibre   Artikelnummer:
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FURUKAWA 2SM-6.8-98.3 SMPTE311 HD CAMERA CABLE, 6.8mm J grade ARIB fibre   Artikelnummer:
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FURUKAWA 2SM-16-37.5 SMPTE311 HD CAMERA CABLE, 16mm J grade ARIB fibre   Artikelnummer:
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