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With 120 watt Class-D power amplifiers this range offers models with six input channels, six input channels plus bluetooth receiver and a ten input channel model with remote control by a web interface or RS232 which has multiple zone outputs.

DN-306XA - 120W - 6 channels

The Denon DN-306XA is a 1U, 6-channel mixer, with a 120W Class D amplifier to provide 4 ohm, 70V line or 100V line output. Designed with commercial installation in mind it has 'Euroblock' (Pheonix style) output connectors as well as XLR line outputs. Input sockets are XLR/jack (TRS) combination connectors for maximum connectivity. Dedicated 48V DC phantom power can be activated by switch for each individual channel. Input channels have independent signal LEDs.

A master level control and 3-band equalisation along with a four-stage LED output meter help achieve the optimum output level. The on/off switch on the front panel has an LED for visual reference.

Maximum input level: -20dBu, mic; +24dBu, line. Equalisation: +/-15dB at 80Hz, low, +/-12dB at 2.5kHz, mid, +/- 15dB at 12kHz, high. Signal to noise ratio: Better than 94dB. Power source: 100 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 120W. Dimensions: 483 x 195 x 44mm (w x d x h).

DN-333XAB - 120W - 6 channels - Bluetooth receiver

The Denon DN-333XAB is a 2U, 6-channel, line input, mixer amplifier with Bluetooth technology. With a choice of 4 ohm, 70V line, and 100V line output, the DN-333XAB was designed with education, fitness, restaurant and hospitality installations in mind.

It has 120 watt Class D amplification, with detachable 'Euroblock' (Pheonix style) connectors and a 4 ohm output bypassing the transformer. Dedicated rotary controls are provided on the front panel for three microphone channel inputs, and for the two stereo line level channels. A front panel located 3.5mm auxiliary input can be used for additional audio playback devices. Bluetooth audio devices can be connected by selecting the 'BT PAIR' button, the volume of which can be controlled from the front panel by use of a rotary control. On the rear, microphone/line channels have XLR/6.35mm combination sockets. Stereo line inputs use RCA (phono) connectors .Phantom power, +15V , can be applied globally to the microphone input channels.

Microphone inputs: 3x XLR/jack (TRS) combination connector. Line inputs, 2x RCA (phono)connectors. Aux input: 3.5mm jack socket. Aux out: 2x RCA (phono) connector. Speaker output: 4ohm/70V line/100V line, 'Euroblock' connector.

Frequency response: 60Hz to 20kHz (-3dB), line; 120Hz to 20kHz (-3dB) microphone. S/N ratio: Better than90dB. THD: Less than 0.1%. Auxiliary output: 0dBV. Power amplifier: 120W (RMS) class D. Power source: 100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, IEC inlet. Dimensions: 483 x 210 x 95mm. Weight: 5.8kg.

Bluetooth: Version 3.0; A2DP supported profile. Maximum transmission power: Class 3, +4dBm. Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz. Transmission range: up to 30.5m.

Included accessories: Power cable, 2x rack ears, 6x rack ear screws, 3x Euroblock connectors, user guide, warranty manual.

DN-508MXA - 120W - 10 channels - 4/8 zones

The DN-508MXA is a 2U, rack-mountable zone mixer with four amplified speaker outputs. Designed for use in restaurant, hotel, museum, nightclub and corporate office applications, it has an intuitive display which makes setup, operation and setting changes more accessible. Remote controllability is available, if required, by using the RS-232C and IP facilities and a web-based GUI can also be employed to control all functionality.

Six mic/line inputs are provided using 'Euroblock' (Pheonix style) connectors, four stereo channels and one auxiliary input use RCA (phono) sockets. Four 'amp-input' sockets using 'Euroblock' connectors allow connections from the zone/line outputs to allow access to the amplified speaker outputs. The amplifier can provide 60 watts for up to two 70V or 100V line zones, or 120watts for up to four 8 ohm or 4 ohm zones. There is a auxiliary input (3.5mm jack) on the front panel for easy access. A maximum of eight zones can connected to Euroblock outputs.

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz (+0.5dB). Dynamic range: Better than 109dB (A-weighted). Signal-to-noise ratio: Better than 89dB (A-weighted). Headroom: Better than 20dB.

Connections: 2x 5-pin 'Euroblock' inputs (2 hot, 2 cold, 1 ground); 2x 4-pin 'Euroblock' inputs (1 hot, 1 cold, 1 ground, 1 page switch); 4x 3-pin 'Euroblock' inputs (1 hot, 1 cold, 1 ground); 1x stereo RCA aux input; 1x stereo 3.5mm aux input; 4x stereo RCA inputs; 4x 5-pin 'Euroblock' outputs (2 hot, 2 cold, 1 ground); 5x 2-pin 'Euroblock' outputs (1 positive, 1 negative); 1x LAN port; 1x RJ45/RJ422 port; 1x 9-pin D-Sub female connector; 1x 9-pin D-Sub male connector; 1x IEC power input.

Operating conditions: 5 to 35 degrees Celsius. Power connection: IEC. Power requirement: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz. Consumption: 130W at 1/8 of power output. Dimensions with rack ears (w x d x h): 483 x 415 x 88mm. Weight: 10.7kg

Included accessories: IEC power cable, Euroblock connectors, quick start guide, safety and warranty manual.

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DENON DN-306XA MIXER AMPLIFIER 120W/4, 70V, 100V, 6x switched mic/line in, 48V, mic 1 priority 1U   Artikelnummer: 93-0881
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DENON DN-333XAB MIXER AMPLIFIER 120W/4, 70V, 100V, 3x mic, 2x line, 1x aux in, Bluetooth RX, 2U   Artikelnummer: 93-0882
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DENON DN-508MXA MIXER AMPLIFIER 6x mic/line, 4x stereo in, 8x zone out, remote control, 120W, 1U   Artikelnummer: 93-0883
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